Monday, July 28, 2008

The new look..

The All New Look is here. Comments are welcome...


The Scrawl Board - this was probably my first original idea for the long shelved and ignored Blog Revampment Drive; and it has very little to do with HTML/JavaScript/CSS! The obdurate being that i am, i didn't want it to be a text message board (like one of those 'shout boxes'), it had to be a freehand scrawl board. After two weeks of poring over flash and actionscript tutorials, i finally had a working version ready to upload (yes, the codes are all mine). There are a couple of things i would like to add though- a board refreshing mechanism to wipe the board say, every two days, and a magnification tool for scrawling. Everyone is welcome to scrawl on my board (in fact i insist that you do!) - i don't think i tested it thoroughly enough.

Background images - my first steps into the not quite untested waters of Photoshop. For anyone interested, the background texture is black sandstone scaled to a high value (a nice effect, i felt). The image originally was that of a supernova (supposedly), although for some obscure reason the pinks and the purples were the most prominent colours. A yellow to black gradient fill layer over it and it started looking more like the cosmic explosion it was supposed to be...

The header image is probably my favourite item among the lot(erm, maybe after the scrawl board!). A collage of things-i-love pictures with a movie clip theme, blended with the 'performance stage' background in Photoshop and Voila! A nicely personalized blog header.

The Label Cloud - the original cloud codes are by phydeaux3, i added a piece of JavaScript code to fix a bug which made the widget fail if no label had more than one entry. And, the original codes printed out the labels in alphabetical order; i added some JavaScript code that randomizes the label order and refreshes the cloud box every once in a while. Watch the cloud!